The Driving School is the latest addition to the Shorecliffe Training portfolio.

October 2010 saw significant changes to the driving test requirements. Although candidates will now be required to carry out only ONE driving manoeuvre, instead of the previous two, the most significant change is the new “independent driving” part of the test.

This part of the test lasts about 10 minutes and will involve the candidate being asked to either (a) Drive to a destination following traffic signs; (b) Drive following a series of verbal directions or (c) Drive using a combination of both of the above methods.

During this section of the test the candidate must drive correctly, including using correct observation, correct use of mirrors, obeying speed limits, road markings, signs etc. and to do so completely unaided and unprompted.

Our ADI approved driving instructor Clive Edwards has many years experience and is also qualified “instructor’s instructor”  teaching others who are training to become driving instructors.

Clive is Fleet Approved for driving assessments for insurance purposes.

1 hour, 1.5hrs and 2 hour lessons available

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The next step

Pass Plus is a course designed to improve the skills of the newly qualified driver, reducing the risk of accidents and can reduce the cost of insurance.  Course details

B+E Training (Car & Trailer towing)

Did you know that if you passed your driving test after January 1997 you cannot legally tow a trailer / horsebox / caravan etc until you have passed the B&E car and trailer towing test?

Shorecliffe Training have four instructors available for B+E and LGV training, two of whom are welsh speaking.  A Welsh speaking examiner can be requested too if required. B+E course details

Driving Instructor Training

Do you want to become a driving instructor?  We now offer the training which gets you on your way to becoming a qualified driving instructor.
Contact Clive Edwards on 07748 645095 / 01745 815977 for more information